Selected Articles

Date Publication Title
December 2007 Far Eastern Economic Review

Is Wal-Mart Good for Asia?

December 2007 Seafood Business Magazine

Entrepreneurs overcome shrimp trade war

November 2007 Far Eastern Economic Review

Exploiting Human Exports

October 2007 Milken Institute Review

Shrimp Wars

October 2007 Far Eastern Economic Review

Asia Drags Down the Free Trade Cause

April 2007 Seafood Business Magazine

Continuous-Bond Policy Politically Motivated

December 2006 Far Eastern Economic Review

The Morass in Mindanao

July 2006 Far Eastern Economic Review

Book Reviews

Who the Hell Are We Fighting? The Story of Sam Adams and The Vietnam Intelligence Wars
by C. Michael Hiam

June 2006 Milken Institute Review Trends: The Doha Round
April 2006 Seafood Business Magazine Antidumping tariffs hurt U.S. consumers, industry
April 2006 Far Eastern Economic Review

Book Reviews

Bilateral Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific: Origins, Evolutions and Implications
Edited by Vinod K. Aggarwal and Shujiro Urata

China’s Participation in the WTO
Edited by Henry Gao and Donald Lewis
Cameron May

December 2005 Far Eastern Economic Review America Dumps On Free Trade
December 2005 The Hong Kong Standard Raw WTO deal for poor
April 2005 Seafood Business Magazine DOC adds insult to injury in South Asia
February 7, 2005 Wall Street Journal Clinton's Trade Choice
December 2004 Far Eastern Economic Review

America's Dirty War on Chinese Clothing

December 2004 Milken Institute Review Trends: Divide and Conquer (PDF file)
August 2004 Seafood Business Magazine Big subsidies threaten commerce and fish stocks
April 2004 Seafood Business Magazine SSA’s antidumping case will be hollow victory

December 2003 Seafood Business Magazine Marketing doesn't come easily to Gulf shrimpers
November 18, 2003 Wall Street Journal Tilting the Rules of Fair Trade
June 2003 Milken Institute Review

Trends: Politics from Hell (PDF file)

May 2003 Seafood Business Magazine The fastest swimmer wins the race
February 2003 Seafood Business Magazine Costly antidumping suit no solution for shrimpers
October 2002 Seafood Business Magazine Catfish Antidumping Sase Stretches Rules of Fair Play
September 13, 2002 Wall Street Journal Catfishing for a Free Market 
August 2002 Metal Bulletin It's the Electorate, Stupid
July 2002 Seafood Business Magazine Politicians Should Stop Tinkering With Tuna Tariffs
May 16, 2002 Wall Street Journal Tearing Down Trade Barriers: High Tariffs Hurt Asia's Poor
April 16, 2002 Wall Street Journal Irritating Reading
April 8, 2002 Wall Street Journal Flawed Trade Agreements
March 2002 Milken Institute Review Fair Trade (PDF file)
February 2002 Wall Street Journal Costly Antidumping Suit No Solution for Shrimpers
October 25, 2001 Wall Street Journal The Economic War Against Terrorism
April 24, 2001 Wall Street Journal Investment Obstacles: The Philippines at a Crossroads
October 20, 2000 Wall Street Journal Tariff Walls: Incentivizing Protectionism
October 2000 Milken Institute Review Of Crabs and Motorcycles
July 31, 2000 Wall Street Journal Erap's Trip: Two Sides of Estrada
April 10, 2000 Wall Street Journal 25 Years On: Vietnam at a Crossroads
November, 29 1999 Wall Street Journal Chinese Arbitration: Can It Be Trusted?
November 03, 1999 Wall Street Journal Slouching Toward Seattle
September 16, 1999 Wall Street Journal Estrada Reforms Chickenfeed? That Would Be a Start
August 03, 1999 Wall Street Journal Textile Titans Trump Bosnia's Knitters
May 12, 1999 Wall Street Journal The Real Threat to China's WTO Entry
January 27, 1999 Wall Street Journal Split Over Bananas
November 10, 1998 Wall Street Journal A Free Trade Triumph Turned Sour
October 07, 1998 Wall Street Journal Trade Chiefs Suit Themselves
July 10, 1998 Wall Street Journal The Americas: Larry Summers Swats Home Buyers With a 2x4
October 14, 1997 Wall Street Journal Trading Insults in Seoul and D.C.
September 26, 1997 Wall Street Journal The Americas: The U.S. Builds a Fishy Case Against Chilean Salmon
May 12, 1997 Wall Street Journal Manager's Journal: Nike Lets Critics Kick It Around
September 06, 1996 Wall Street Journal The Americas: You Say `Tomato,' Mickey Kantor Says `Political Opportunity'
September 21, 1995 Wall Street Journal

Don't Bother to Compete; Hire a Lawyer

February 3, 1995 Wall Street Journal America's 'MITI Without Brains'